Shayne Holland Band


Shayne Holland expands upon the melodic, empassioned, pop-rock tapestry woven in his debut E.P. "Rain", with his first full length CD Unconditional. Though similar to it's predecessor in it's catchy melodies, and well orchestrated arrangements, Unconditonal is a more mature body of work, that demonstrates the artist's growth as both song writer and composer. From the immediately addictive title track "Unconditional" to the more somber and introspective "Heartache", the ten songs on Unconditional once again hold the listener with their melodic potency, and undeniable potential mass-market appeal.

Put simply, Unconditional is an uplifiting, addictive CD, whose vast selection of extremely memorable pop songs will draw you in, and demand repeat listenings. Shayne Holland has drawn on the best of what popular music has had to offer over the past thirty years, adapted it to his own easaily identifiable style, and condensed into one CD.