Shayne Holland Band

Shayne Holland’s new effort “Supersonic Flight” is a Mach leap forward for this young rock singer from the Boston area.  The title track leads off the album, establishing the firm and aggressive rock and roll stance of Holland’s backing band, which steadily supports, if not incites, him through the entire album.  Indeed, with only limited time to record Supersonic Flight, the recording sessions fuel the album with an urgency that reflects Holland’s own passion, creating a focus that’s easy to hear and a raw energy that powers Holland’s songs, which are, without exception, among the best he’s ever written.   “Down to Zero” rocks solid, “ a beautiful piano figure rallies the rhythm forward on “Make the Walls Come Down” and “Reborn” takes a smokier path with uninhibited lead guitar dancing all around Holland’s powerful vocal performance.    

For the first five tracks, guitars drive forward breathlessly, setting a pace with bass and drums that scarcely relax until Holland reaches the mid-tempo jewel called “Hands.”  Located in the center of the album, this is the emotional centerpiece of the entire effort.  Following that signpost, “Guide My Way” would sound comfortable on any Coldplay album, “In Your Name” channels the authentic bass/drum/chiming guitar rush of U2 and “Deep” ends the album inviting listeners into the firelight to sing along.  

At Holland’s CD release party in Boston, his band’s ease and agility freed Holland to truly take flight with the songs he had labored over in the studio which were being debuted in front of an audience for the first time.  He joyously and confidently challenged the crowd, inviting sing-alongs, handclaps and shouting.  Holland succeeds on Supersonic Flight in creating a thoroughly enjoyable rock and roll rush for any listener.          


Shayne Holland’s latest release is an explosion of raw emotion. He Tackles global issues with passion and poetry set against a musical backdrop provided by an incredibly talented ensemble of young musicians. Working together Shayne Holland Band(SHB), provides a roller coaster ride for the senses full of hook-laden choruses and amazing vocal work. If you listen to music to be moved and uplifted by it’s positive message don’t miss this album!